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We provide a platform where women investors and founders can radically disrupt the venture capital environment.

The female sandpiper is well known for taking the lead, and establishing and defending its territory, but that is not the only reason we adopted it as our moniker. It’s also symbolic of the idea of taking flight, together.

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What we do

Unlock Capital and Innovation

Sandpiper Ventures unlocks capital and innovation through greater diversity of investors and strong connections to global markets; we contribute to a stronger ecosystem, stronger economy and approach to investment with better businesses, deals, and higher investment returns.


Women make up 51 % of the population yet receive just 2.8% of VC funding available worldwide. In Canada, Only 15% of partners in venture capital funds are female, less in Atlantic Canada.

How we’re creating change

20+ M

Invested in women-lead companies

SV Fund I announced the successful close of the VC fund investing in women-led companies, surpassing an initial fundraising goal in excess of $20 million.


More value creation

Women-led companies that do receive VC funding receive less than half the amount of their male counterparts.


35% higher ROI than all-male teams

The Ewing Marian Kauffman Foundation Women-led teams generate a 35% higher ROI than all-male teams.

Our portfolio

Take Flight

Sandpiper Ventures invests in women building ground-breaking technology companies as a proactive and profitable business decision.

Our target companies significantly outpace their peers when they receive the right investment and mentorship, delivering strong social and economic value and highly profitable investment returns.

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  • Lynn Sullivan photo

    Lynn Sullivan

    Chief Legal Officer

  • Steven Carr photo

    Steven Carr


  • Cathy Bennett photo

    Cathy Bennett

    Founding and Managing Partner

  • Rhiannon Davies photo

    Rhiannon Davies

    Founding and Managing Partner

  • Sarah Young photo

    Sarah Young

    Founding and Managing Partner

  • Tara Wickwire photo

    Tara Wickwire

    Brand and Network Lead

  • Tope Salawudeen photo

    Tope Salawudeen

    Senior Analyst

  • Mark Fraser photo

    Mark Fraser


  • Lynn Coveyduck photo

    Lynn Coveyduck


  • OZGE YELOGLU photo


    VP Enterprise Advanced Analytics, CIBC

  • Amy Risley photo

    Amy Risley

    CEO, Skinfix, Inc.

  • Shannon Macdonald photo

    Shannon Macdonald

    Partner, EY

  • Nicole Leblanc photo

    Nicole Leblanc

    Partner, Woven Capital

  • Karen Hutt photo

    Karen Hutt

    EVP Strategy and Business Development, Emera

  • Chère Chapman photo

    Chère Chapman

    CEO, Ardea Outcomes

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