Better businesses,
deals, and higher
investment returns.

Sandpiper Ventures is a seed stage VC fund investing in women and women’s innovation.

We will unlock capital and innovation through greater diversity of investors and strong connections to global markets; it will contribute to a stronger ecosystem, stronger economy and approach to investing with better businesses, deals, and higher investment returns.

In addition to capital, Sandpiper Ventures provides founders with a valuable network, a unique toolkit of deep industry experience, access to growth and development partners, access to national and international customers and new market opportunities.


We are focused on investing in future-fit companies, seeing returns and driving measurable results. We have a growth track-record, delivering billions of dollars in revenues, executed major acquisitions, new market entry, IPOs and exits always with underlying customer focus and deep due diligence. Our portfolio companies experience the full benefits of an international industry network, customer base and experience.


We are filling critical gaps in the investment ecosystem by thinking differently about investment opportunities. We are not here to level the playing field, we’re here to change the rules entirely.


Though we have a specific focus on initiatives developed and led by women, our fund is inclusive and supportive of any and all ideas that drive growth, innovation and success. Our collaborative approach and broad geographical reach provide access to unique deal flow of companies otherwise under the radar.


Our founding partners are successful business leaders across a variety of industries, from start-ups to multi-nationals, managing national and international operations with significant complexity. The diversity and capability of our founders means we have the legacy and the results to back up our vision. We’re not just here to talk about it. We’ve done it before and have the results to prove it.

Our Brand Story

The female sandpiper is well known for taking the lead, and establishing and defending its territory, but that is not the only reason we adopted it as our moniker. We were also attracted to the idea of taking flight, together. Our goal is to sustain a space where driven and visionary woman entrepreneurs come together and have the opportunity to soar.

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