About Simmunome

Simmunome is at the leading edge of leveraging AI towards unraveling biological complexity. Simmunome’s clinical development platform allows users to input preclinical and clinical data to derive disease-specific insights and help clinical R&D researchers make critical go/no-go decisions. By combining multi-omic data to create comprehensive models of disease, Simmunome simulates biological processes to identify novel drug targets and predict and improve clinical outcomes. Using this approach, highly accurate simulations of biological processes can be attained, for more faithful representations and predictions. Ultimately, Simmunome de-risks clinical research, reduces R&D costs and dramatically accelerates health research and innovation.

About Simmunome's Founder

Dr. Nardin Nakhla (Co-founder, CTO) received her Ph.D. in Neuroscience from McGill University in 2021, where she specialized in computational neuroscience. At Simmunome, Dr. Nakhla develops computational models and spearheads the company’s research and development arm.

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Dr. Nardin Nakhla

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Company uses AI to predict clinical trial outcomes using computational simulations.