About SiftMed

SiftMed is an Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) platform that uses artificial intelligence to automate the organization of medical files by date and specific record type, reducing review time by 50%, leading to better patient outcomes, faster. Using Natural Language Processing and Optical Character Recognition, SIftMed creates a timeline of medical files, categorizing them by type and makes them searchable and smart. The platform automatically sorts files, removes duplicates, and processes handwritten documents, making it easier for insurance, legal, and medical professionals to review files for relevant information.

About the Founder

Holly Hill is a results-oriented, energizing and inspiring leader who has been professionally involved in Sales and Organizational leadership and development for the past decade. Passionate about developing new businesses, Holly has dedicated her career to helping companies bring new and novel products to market. Within her career Holly’s work has contributed to helping companies with successful equity raises, growing and developing scalable business models, and gaining corporate acquisitions. With a mandate for pushing Newfoundland and Labrador’s thriving technology sector forward, Holly has been involved in sectors such as FinTech, Wireless power, Automation and most recently, Education.

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Holly Hill

CEO & Co-founder