October 6, 2021 - Halifax, Canada – Sandpiper Ventures - Today, Sandpiper Ventures announces their investment in Fable, the sustainably produced direct to consumer brand of tablewares. Sandpiper joins lead investor True alongside Mavan Capital to complete a $2.7 million in seed round to fuel continued growth and increased development across several key business verticals. The $2.7m seed round was led with funds primarily designated to support international expansion and new product development. A group of investors participated in the round including Techstars and the founders of Mejuri, the jewelry brand.

Fable is a Vancouver-based company that works directly with artisans in the Tagus Valley region of Portugal to create hand-finished ceramic dishware and stainless-steel cutlery. The pieces are designed with a focus on a minimalist aesthetic, durability, and functionality. Fable’s direct to consumer product, builds partnerships and networks to meet global standards. The company is currently pending B Corporation certification.

“As we grow, we are seeking new ways to access our markets,” says Joe Parenteau, CEO & Co-founder of Fable. “We are looking forward to Sandpiper’s ongoing support as they connect us to their networks and their experience. With the success of our direct business model and platform, we are expanding quickly. Having global executives, entrepreneurs, and operators alongside us who have seen firsthand the challenges and opportunities helps us execute our strategy. We are also a proudly Canadian company and having an east coast partner gives access to a partner who can help us on many fronts, including identifying talent. We already have employees who work across the country.”

This new round of funding will support the acceleration of Fable’s business and growth of the team. The new funds will be used for key categories as Fable plans to extend their product assortment beyond dining and into other parts of the home as Covid purchasing trends continue to see consumers spending more on their homes.

“We’re excited to support Fable’s growth,” cites Rhiannon Davies, Co-Founding and Managing Partner, Sandpiper Ventures. “They are growing their business geographically and in our homes in a way that will see expansion and impact. Our global supply chain and manufacturing, new market entry, along with consumer experience matches well with Fable’s growth trajectory and we look forward to continuing to support the executive team, including Joe and Tina as they enter this next phase.”


“Sandpiper believes in strong, high-growth, sustainable companies with values. Fable is on a path building a company with purpose that will serve returns.”

- Rhiannon Davies, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Sandpiper Ventures

“We take a holistic view of our product from our supply chain, to our design and creation, and ensure every part of our products meets our standard of excellence. We ensure that all the suppliers we work with have excellent and safe working conditions, with third-party audits to confirm this, equal pay for women and minorities, and overall meet the standards of where we’d want to work.”

  • Joe Parenteau, CEO & Co-founder of Fable

“People are seeking products and experiences that align with their values. This includes the buying experience. At Fable, we want the world to be a better place, starting at the kitchen table. Through the artisans we work with, our partners, and the e-commerce platform we build, we aim to make a difference.”

  • Tina Luu, CTO & Co-founder of Fable

Quick facts

  • Fable produces simple, timeless and responsible home décor, creating and selling dinnerware and accessories, predominantly through its ecommerce platform. With the rise of conscious consumerism – an Accenture report has found that 60% of consumers have been making more environmentally friendly, sustainable or ethical purchases since the pandemic began-- and the increased demand for better homewares, Fable is poised to capatilize on shifts in consumer behaviour.
  • Fable was just named CIX Canadian Innovation Exchange Top 20 Early innovative Canadian technology startups.

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About Fable

Founded in 2019, Fable is an innovative direct-to-consumer brand that is creating minimal, elegant and sustainably designed products for the home. Fable is founded by entrepreneurs, who wanted to create a clever tabletop solution for those seeking a one-stop shop for our newly evolving living environments. By providing consumers with artisan-crafted ceramics and stainless-steel cutlery all at an affordable price point. Designed in Vancouver and crafted in Portugal, the responsibly produced collection includes ceramic dinnerware and flatware with an upcoming expansion into glassware and more categories to follow. The collections are designed to be effortlessly mixed & matched with their soft hues transcending trends whilst blending seamlessly into your every-day and available for purchase in practical product bundles. Fable products are responsibly designed everyday products that are durable and sustainably crafted. Fable focuses on transparency from everything from product pricing, who they partner with, and their environmental impact. Fable is currently pending B Corporation certification.

About Sandpiper Ventures

Sandpiper Ventures (www.sandpiper.vc) is a seed stage venture capital fund committed to investing in women and women’s innovation as a proactive and profitable business decision. Sandpiper’s management team and active advisors are proven business leaders with deep industry experience and network access, providing access to unique deal-flow and the tools and networks to support portfolio companies to reach massive proportions.



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