Throughout International Women’s Month, Managing Partners, Cathy Bennett, Rhiannon Davies, and Sarah Young participated in several panels and events, dedicated to shedding light on the huge gap in women’s participation in the innovation driven economy and the amazing opportunities that could be unlocked by supporting diversity and inclusion in early-stage tech.

For Cathy, these included a virtual appearance at the annual SheEO Summit alongside Nadine Spencer, Tracy Gray, and Karen Cahn and at the Women Entrepreneurship conference with Vicki Saunders, Dr. Ellen Farrell, Anita Cheng, Ejibola Adetokunbo Taiwo, Amanda Williams, and Shannon Pestun. Rhiannon joined Real Talk with Ryan Jesperson, along with Shelley Kuipers and Amanda Hall. At the end of March, Sarah participated in AVENIR GLOBAL’s Women in Leadership panel discussion with her colleagues,Tina Shepley, Tina Charpentier, and Stephanie Chan.

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