About Fable Home

Fable Home is an innovative direct-to-consumer brand that is creating minimal, durable, and sustainably designed products for the home. Consumers are provided with artisan-crafted and affordable products designed in Vancouver and crafted in Portugal. Fable offers a simplified selection, cohesive design, seamless customer journey, and a relatable brand.

Fable achieved B-Crop certification September 2022

About Fable Home's founder

Tina has a background as a freelance web developer which led her to discover her passion for business and DTC brands.

She founded Fable as a solution to a personal problem. She had recently moved into a new home and found herself staring at the same basic dinnerware she had used for years. When wanting to upgrade to more premium home decor and tableware, she wasn’t able to find anything out there that she loved that also offered a simplified shopping experience. She saw an opportunity, and set out to fill the gap.

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Tina Luu

Co founder / Head Of Technology at Fable Home