About DeNova

DeNova is developing and commercializing a suite of breakthrough technologies that convert harmful greenhouse gases into high-quality protein, disrupting the protein market. DeNova captures GHG emissions, and, using a proprietary, modular conversion technology, converts these waste emissions into the low-cost methanol supply that is the key feedstock for DeNova’s large-scale production of sustainable protein derived from natural bacteria. As a beachhead, DeNova’s protein will be used as a low-cost, competitive, sustainable, nutritionally-rich alternative to soya, fishmeal. Supporting a transition to sustainability in aquaculture, the fastest growing food sector globally.

About DeNova’s founder

Brianna is President and Founder of DeNova. Following the completion of her MBA from Dalhousie University where she was awarded the Goldberg-Schulich Award for Entrepreneurship, Brianna’s professional path solidified her calling to be an entrepreneur. This included working in a private equity investment group in Halifax, being a partner and COO of a Montreal-based software startup, and founding a co-working and community impact space in Halifax. Brianna’s view is that businesses, like DeNova, can be designed to create meaningful, global change and solve seemingly impossible challenges, using technology as an enabler of creating a healthy and sustainable planet.

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Brianna Stratton

President at DeNova