About DeNova

DeNova is developing and commercializing a suite of breakthrough technologies that convert harmful greenhouse gases into high-quality protein, disrupting the protein market. DeNova captures GHG emissions, and, using a proprietary, modular conversion technology, converts these waste emissions into the low-cost methanol supply that is the key feedstock for DeNova’s large-scale production of sustainable protein derived from natural bacteria. As a beachhead, DeNova’s protein will be used as a low-cost, competitive, sustainable, nutritionally-rich alternative to soya, fishmeal. Supporting a transition to sustainability in aquaculture, the fastest growing food sector globally.

About DeNova’s founder

As a former CEO, seasoned entrepreneur, current board director and consultant, and as a prominent business-person in Newfoundland, Cathy’s focus is growth. With over 30 years of business leadership, her own company, Bennett Group of Companies, included operations in commercial and industrial construction, industrial manufacturing, human resource support, food service, industrial supply and real estate investments and operations. Cathy is currently the CEO of TaskForce NL. Cathy serves/has served on public, private and crown corporation boards spanning diverse industries. Cathy is an active angel investor and mentor for early-stage technology companies.

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Brianna Stratton

President at DeNova