There is a significant opportunity in the current VC environment to close the inequality gap by investing in underserved founders that are overperforming and unlocking future-fit, resilient, innovative ideas that deliver sustainable value.

Why Invest?

Women-led founders deliver:

  • More revenue per $ invested (According to MassChallenge/Boston Consulting Group, female founders generate $0.78 revenue/$ invested compared to male-only start-ups who generated $0.31 revenue/$ invested)
  • 63% more value creation (according to First Round Capital, women-led companies deliver 63% higher value for investors)
  • 35% higher ROI (The Ewing Marian Kauffman Foundation Women-led teams generate a 35% higher ROI than all-male teams)

Sandpiper Ventures will release trapped value in the venture capital space and increase the representation of women on all sides of the table.

Our Brand Story photo

Our Brand Story

The female sandpiper is well known for taking the lead, and establishing and defending its territory, but that is not the only reason we adopted it as our moniker. We were also attracted to the idea of taking flight, together. Our goal is to sustain a space where driven and visionary woman entrepreneurs come together and have the opportunity to soar.

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